Japan Piano Teachers Association

Japan Piano Teachers Association (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Affiliated with EPTA

About JPTA

The Japan Piano Teachers Association was founded in 1984 as a result of big growth and strong demand of pianists and piano teachers throughout Japan. The JPTA is a major national organization serving as a provider and an advocate of Japanese piano-related musical future. Through the nationwide high quality educational activities, the JPTA was recognized as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Cabinet Office in 2010.
The JPTA is committed to enhance the quality and the value of music making and music study, serving to fulfill social responsibilities of musicians and educators. The annual conference provides close scholastic communication between pianists and piano teachers, operating upon raising standards and seeking for the ideal piano performing and teaching strategies. The JPTA has also a close relationship with the EPTA, through which Japanese musicians are able to be exposed to genuine approach to western music.
1. Organizing lecture-recitals, master classes, auditions, competitions, and international conferences and symposiums.
2. Promoting close cooperation among the members, and providing close collaboration with the related organizations and groups.
3. Promoting international exchange of artists and piano teachers at every level.
4. Establishing a research center with musicological and educational purpose.
5. Publishing the JPTA journal, and books on Piano pedagogy.
6. Protecting the rights and promoting the welfare of the JPTA members.
7. Advocating awareness of further importance of music, as an essential factor of liberal education, and as a true medium for human communication and world understanding.
The JPTA is comprised of three thousand individuals and groups, including the most representative of artists, teachers and educators of piano. There are thirteen chapters throughout Japan, according to the geographical distribution. Each chapter is closely associated with the headquarters, functioning as a leading organization in that particular district as well.

Annual National Study Convention

Participants in the Annual National Study Convention come from all the sectors of the music community, including pianists, performers of other instruments, composers, musicologists and educators. It is one of the most significant academic events in the area of piano music, in which a specific composer selected as the theme for the occasion is studied from every aspect. The foremost experts in their respective fields of specialization are invited to give lectures. The convention offers a diversity of programs featuring sessions on sub-themes, lectures, recitals, presentation of study reports and symposiums.
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Research presentation
The JPTA promotes research presentation of the members in the annual National Study Convention. Also, the JPTA welcomes research papers for the official bulletin, published periodically.

National Piano Audition

The JPTA piano audition is not a mere competition, but is designed to promote healthy development of the skills in the process of growing students (from elementary schoolchildren in the first grade to 35-year old adults). It is intended to be a forum of education in which students, teachers and audience share common experience through the students' public appearances. Assessment by the jury is given under the fair and objective mind of judgement, and the personal advice in their own writing is given to every participant. This truly practical and educational audition system is now highly evaluated as remarkable from outside of Japan.

The JPTA organizes concerts given by the prize winners of the national piano audition.

The Kazuko Yasukawa Memorial Competition

The Kazuko Yasukawa Memorial Competition
This competition is started in 1997 to commemorate the highly acclaimed world-famous pianist, Madame Kazuko Yasukawa, for further development of piano music in Japan. It emphasizes on French Music repertoire, which Madame Yasukawa loved most. The competition takes place every other year.

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